Pain Therapy in Bay Area

By Doctor Hu


Cong Hu, LAc, OMD

*Cong Hu: California Licensed Acupuncturist (still holds 4 Certificates of Blood and Radiation in the United States), graduated from Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine for six years (five years plus one year of professional training), and 3 years more study from South Baylor University graduated (U.S) with OMD.

*Ancestral Chinese Medicine: His great-grandfather (the late Qing Dynasty), his grandfather is a famous doctor of folk Chinese medicine (pain), and his family has many treatment experiences.

*Formerly the Sichuan Provincial Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine (formerly Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine). Affiliated hospital attending doctor.


•Chronic Intractable pain, for hand and foot pain is effective at once;

• Hemiplegia of stroke sequelae (can be on-site service);

• Internal medicine pain, especially for various abdominal pain;

• Pediatric skin disease, youth baldness;

• Juvenile false myopia, chronic pharyngitis, nasal congestion, nasal allergy, chronic catarrhal otitis media.

American work experience

*2002-2007 Medical experiment at the Houston Medical Center in Texas (MD Andersen Medical Center)

*2008-2011 At the UCSD Medical Research Center Laboratory (Dr. Howell Cancer Research Center, UCSD)

*2011-2013 East Bay Western Medicine MD Clinic (P/T Job), Fremont;

*2013-So far, San Benito County Daniel Y. MD Clinic (P/T), Hollister.

Chinese work experience

*Worked in the Affiliated Hospital of Sichuan Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine), 1988-2003 (the top three hospitals), with 15 years of clinical experience in large hospitals (Chinese medicine );

* Before going to college, I was an apprentice (grandfather and uncle) in Sichuan, and I was engaged in traditional Chinese medicine surgery (pain and dermatology) and obtained the qualification of a rural doctor.


Arm Pain

Foot Pain

Heel Pain

Hip Pain

Leg Pain


Tennis Elbow

Trigger Finger



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