Hip Pain

When people come in with pain in the hip, I ask them to show me “where is your pain”? Hip pain means different things to different people but generally my patients will indicate the areas surrounding the hip joint. These include buttock pain, pelvic pain, groin pain, or pain on the side of the hip.

Sometimes hip pain feels like it is radiating from the low back. Or it may radiate into the leg, knee, ankle, or foot from either the low back, buttock, or the hip joint itself. Acupuncture to the rescue!

Causes of hip pain include bursitis, osteo-arthritis, pain after hip replacement, groin pulls, ilio-tibial band (ITB) syndrome, and pain referring from the low back. I have helped many patients with hip pain due to these issues find relief fast – usually within their first five visits.

Meridians are channels that carry energy and blood flow to the muscles, joints, tendons, and bones. Blockage in the leg channels are responsible for hip and leg pain.

Hip of symptoms dependent on the degree of the injury. In all cases pain and muscular spasm are present.

Whether the injury arises from a low back disorder and subsequent weakening of the muscle or the degree of trauma seeming to override a well toned and developed muscle determines the approach. The injury and the body’s compensation are key to recovery. The pain, swelling and reactive guarding that occur are addressed initially with structural tone and balance in the later stages of the treatment.

Acupuncture has been used to treat diseases and diseases for thousands of years. which helps to anti-inflammatory, remove pain & back to normal function.