Patient in bed fecal incontinence

Fecal incontinence(especially elderly patients, stroke) giving caregivers And family members bring countless troubles.
The etiology of the fecal incontinence that causes has some peripheral nerves, as well as the central nervous system, may be involved in rectal sphincter muscle out of control and the reduced effectiveness of smooth muscle relaxation.
We may be understood with reference to the autonomic and somatic nerve innervations to the lage intestines. acupuncture may influence the autonomic nerve system.
The muscles controlling fecal are controlled by the autonomic and somatic nervous system. The detrusor muscle is relaxed by sympathetic stimulation that originates from the lumbar spinal cord T11-L2 region, and contracted By parasympathetic stimulation from the sacral spinal cord S2-4 region. Come comes from related to controlling the nerves such as urinating same root nerve, rectum &anal canal is under somatic control, the coordination of the autonomic and somatic nerves to the large intestines and anal canal is important not only in micturition, but also in fecal Incontinence.Do you belive: acupuncture may adjust them, make the bedridden person’s stool control ability better and better!