Stroke sequelae & Limb dysfunction

Strokes have affected millions of people in today’s world. According to reports, the main cause of adult disability. disability affects approximately 75%. Stroke survivors can affect a patient’s physical, mental, emotional or Combination of the three . It is estimated that 90% of hemorrhagic strokes have occurred. After a long history of hypertension, between the ages of 50 and 79. Ischemia.

Middle-aged people often have a stroke and have a history of hypertension.
Hyperlipidemia, diabetes or heart disease. Most of these stroke events will occur in one form or another. In this group, hemiplegia. The condition of the limbs will lead to many patients who need to use a wheelchair.

Other means of mechanical assistance. Oriental Medicine has shown success. Treatment results can only be obtained within a certain period of time after initialization. A stroke has occurred. Although the eastern perspective provides a longer window of opportunity. If you give acupuncture, you will get the best results. Within 3 months, if there is good effect within 6 months.

Acupuncture points for treating Stroke sequelae, depending on the exact location and pathway of the Limb dysfunction.
This clinic provides on-site services, special treat to hemiplegia and limb dysfunction.