trigger finger

Triggering a finger is a condition known as stenotic tenosynovit is characterized by one or more fingers being locked in a curved or open position. In order to move the affected finger, it must be manually forced, which can cause snoring and severe pain. Like the Carpal Tunnel, the Trigger Finger is a repetitive strain damage.

TF is caused by the inflammation of the flexor tendon of the finger or the bending of the finger into the muscle of the fist. Long-term grasping can cause the tendon to be injured and inflamed, thereby injuring, inflaming and shrinking the surrounding sheath. In severe cases, adhesions or palpable nodules are formed in the joint area where the fingers engage the palm, which prevents the tendons from slipping through the sheath to promote normal movement, resulting in adhesion, bursting and pain of the TF.

The treatment that triggers the finger depends on the stage and severity.

I look at the pain in the trigger and determine why the underlying pattern causes Qi and blood to stagnate. Identify excessive defects or excesses that may harm the blood in this way, and then treat this pattern. Acupuncture helps to treat pain in a variety of ways, helps release endorphins and enkephalins, and is also involved in the release separation of tissue adhesions of and recovery dysfunction.